From the News Desk

With headlines focused on weather, earthquakes and continued unrest overseas, the health care headlines have been quiet. However the Food and Drug Administration called for a sweeping modernization of the science used in developing and evaluating products critical to the nation’s health, economy, and security. Elsewhere:

  • HHS released its “Bundled Payments” initiative intended to improve care for patients in the hospital and after discharge. The initiative will “align payments for services delivered across an episode of care, such as heart bypass or hip replacement, rather than paying for services separately.  Bundled payments will give doctors and hospitals new incentives to coordinate care, improve the quality of care and save money for Medicare.”
  • NPR looks into why drug companies are not mixing well on Facebook.
  • Hip implant complaints continue to soar despite danger warnings.
  • $40 million in grants has been announced to help identify and enroll children eligible for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).