From the News Desk

This week the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reported that nearly 20.5 million people with Medicare reviewed their health status at a free Annual Wellness Visit or received other preventive services with no deductible or cost sharing this year and the average beneficiary saved $530 through August with the Part D coverage gap discount on brand name drugs.

  • As the Super Committee continues to meet, more reports are surfacing that Medigap supplemental insurance plans are at risk of being cut.
  • Recent studies show that many Medicare beneficiaries are unfamiliar with the CMS star ranking system of providers which can be useful during enrollment periods.
  • A recent proposal in New Jersey to create better access to mental health care for Medicaid beneficiaries is gaining supporters.
  • Los Angeles County is enrolling hundreds of thousands of uninsured residents in a publicly funded health care program and promoting primary care over acute care for low-income patients.
  • FDA approval of an ancient drug causes the price to skyrocket – is it worth the approval process?