From the News Desk

In the latest healthcare news, the Department of Health and Human Services has announced they are easing certain rules for hospitals, which should lead to over $1.1 billion in savings per year and should not impact patient care or safety. Elsewhere:

  • Under new rules imposed by the Food Safety Modernization Act the FDA detained and then seized adulterated food, marking the first seizure of food subject to an FDA detention.
  • Some believe that the Super Committee needs a push in order to meet its November 23rd deadline.
  • A recent audit indicates New Jersey is overpaying for Medicaid, while other analysts predict Florida will only have modest Medicare growth in the next fiscal year.
  • More efforts are underway to curb Medicare fraud, including patient education.
  • Abbott Laboratories has announced it will split into 2 separate companies; one focusing on high-risk drugs and branded pharmaceuticals, another on low-risk generics, infant formula and medical implants.