BREAKING: Media Groups Ask for Live Coverage of Supreme Court’s PPACA Decision

A group of almost 50 print, radio, and television journalism organizations have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for the Court to provide “live audio and video coverage” to the announcement of the Court’s opinion in the three cases addressing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Court had rejected a similar request from the media organizations for live audio and video recording of the oral arguments made in the three cases under consideration back in March.

In the letter, the media organizations, noting that it understood that expanded media access to oral arguments might “negatively affect the character and flow of the back-and-forth discussion between attorneys and justices,” noted that this would not be an issue “when the proceeding at issue involves the summary of an opinion rather than the interaction at oral argument.”

Lyle Denniston, a reporter at SCOTUSblog, explained that the Court does record oral presentations made by justices when they announce opinions, but those recordings are sent to the National Archives at the end of each term of the Supreme Court.

The letter from the media groups asked that, if the Court does not allow for live audio and video recording, that it makes the Courts recordings available immediately after the announcement.