White Paper Addresses Controversial Contraceptive Coverage Requirement

The Health Law group at Wolters Kluwer Law and Business is pleased to announce the publication of a white paper entitled, “State Mandates for Insurance Coverage of Contraception Before and After Health Reform.”

Within the paper you will learn about the following:

Did you know that 28 states require employer-sponsored health insurance plans to cover FDA-approved contraceptive drugs and devices? Several are “red states,” but only one allows a for-profit business entity to be excused from the requirement on religious grounds.

The challenges to the federal requirement continue.  The Supreme Court has been asked to consider whether the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects for-profit business entities. But state law on this subject still matters. Why?

The federal RFRA does not apply to state laws. Plans that lose their “grandfathered” status will be subject to both state and federal requirements. So in most of those 28 states, the right to coverage of contraceptives will remain protected.

Download our white paper to learn more!