Learning and Action Network for Value-Based Payment Systems Now Open

CMS is forming a Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) to allow discussion and the formulation of public-private partnerships in furtherance of HHS’ goal of moving the Medicare program to value-based and alternative payment models. Secretary Burwell announced this initiative in January, which seeks to shift the focus of the health care system from volume to quality of care. The LAN will allow all concerned parties to discuss the transition toward these alternative models.


An independent contractor will operate the LAN, acting as convener and facilitator. The contractor will organize meetings and release information to participants as well as lead learning sessions. Workgroups will be created for the purpose of cataloguing best practices and implementation guides for payment reform. The contractor will also provide logistical support and unite technical experts from all levels of participant involvement.

A Guiding Committee will prioritize the discussion topics and issue recommendations to the contractor. The Guiding Committee will be formed from LAN participants. The committee and contractor will work together to create workgroups that will address specific areas. The materials generated from these workgroups will be released through webinars and live meetings.


The LAN will serve several functions. It will collaborate with payers, providers, employers, purchasers, states, consumer groups, and individuals to share approaches and generate evidence and best practices. It will decide on best approaches to issues such as financial models, assessment measurements, risk adjustment, and other topics raised by participants. It will create implementation guides and identify how to best report on new payment models.


Participants should contribute to workgroups and strive to share and receive information. Stakeholders will be expected to work with participants to support model goals that meet or exceed Medicare’s goal of 30 percent alternative payment model penetration by 2016 and 50 percent by 2018. Within the first six months, stakeholders will need to set organization-specific goals and report progress toward the national goal. LAN participation requires no fees, but organizations will not receiving funding from HHS or CMS for participation. Registration is now open.