The future manufacturer of Palcohol refutes the health concerns, which it had previously labeled as “fear mongering,” and argues that its product is “safer than liquid alcohol,” and claims that liquid alcohol is actually easier to conceal, to spike drinks, and to binge drink. It also argues that liquid alcohol is much less expensive than powdered alcohol and allows the drinker to get drunk faster, which appeals to under-aged consumers.

Proposed Bans

While it is unclear as to how the products will be used or misused at this early stage, the fight over whether Palcohol will ever make it to store shelves appears to be far from over at both the state and federal levels. U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), a harsh critic of the product, recently introduced federal legislation  to ban the product despite the fact that it had been recently received federal approval. Additionally, state governments are not waiting around to find out how the fight plays out, as many are moving to ban the products. Such states include Ohio, where it was recently announced that Republican Governor John Kasich will be signing the ban into effect soon. Ohio will join 12 other states such as Alaska, Georgia, Washington, Vermont and Louisiana in banning the product. Additionally, states such as Maryland, Minnesota, and South Carolina have enacted temporary bans. However, the governor of Arizona just vetoed legislation that the state’s legislature had passed that banned the products.

Public Opinion