Fall Fun from the WK Health Law Editorial Team

Wolters Kluwer’s Riverwoods, Illinois, office held a Fall Cultural Event to celebrate autumn. As part of the festivities, there was a miniature pumpkin decorating contest. The health law editorial team participated in the contest, with a project headed by Patricia Ruiz and Sarah Baumann, both writer/analysts. Our entry was based on a picture of Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Ginsburg, whose famous friendship spans decades.



From three miniature pumpkins, we created “Your Argument is Irrelephant” starring Justice Antonin Squashlia and Justice Ruth Bader Gourdsburg.

As a reference, taken from an Oyez.org tour of Justice Ginsburg’s office is the original picture of the Justices on a vacation:


The Justices spoke about the trip in an appearance at George Washington University, quoted in the Los Angeles Times:

Seated next to Ginsburg on the stage, Scalia teased her about the minor uproar that occurred after they were photographed together on an elephant during a trip to India in 1994. “Her feminist friends” were upset, Scalia said, that “she rode behind me.”

Ginsburg didn’t let him have the last word, noting that the elephant driver had said their placement was “a matter of distribution of weight.” The audience, including Scalia, roared with laughter.

Other editorial teams also entered the contest, including a “Field of Dreams” entry that referenced Back to the Future 2 and the Chicago Cubs, and a “Trumpkin” featuring a Republican presidential candidate.

We’re pleased to report that our entry, “Your Argument is Irrelephant,” won.