Kusserow on Compliance: GAO issues report critical of Medicare appeals process

The Backlog Saga Continues

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) conducted a review of the appeals process for Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) claims and issued a report in June 2016 that was highly critical of the Medicare appeals process. The process consists of four administrative levels of review within HHS, and a fifth level in which appeals are reviewed by federal courts. Appeals are generally reviewed by each level sequentially, as appellants may appeal a decision to the next level depending on the prior outcome. Under the administrative process, separate appeals bodies review appeals and issue decisions under time limits established by law, which can vary by level. They have not been meeting those deadlines for years. In fact, they have 700,000 pending appeals that would take years to clear up, even if new appeals were not filed.

The GAO found that CMS and two other components within HHS that are part of the Medicare appeals process have not made available full-use data collected in three appeal data systems to monitor the Medicare appeals process. It also found variations in how appeals bodies record decisions across the three systems, including the use of different categories to track the type of Medicare service at issue in the appeal. Absent more complete and consistent appeals data, the ability to monitor emerging trends in appeals is limited and is inconsistent with federal internal control standards that require agencies to run and control agency operations using relevant, reliable, and timely information. The GAO recommended that HHS take four actions, including improving the completeness and consistency of the data used by HHS to monitor appeals and implementing a more efficient method of handling appeals associated with repetitious claims.

Following the release of this report Nancy Griswold, Chief Administrative Law Judge, Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA), and Constance B. Tobias, Chair, Departmental Appeals Board (DAB), reported submitting a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on changes to the Medicare claims appeal process as part efforts to eliminate the backlog of appeals currently pending at the OMHA and the DAB. The proposed changes designed to reduce the number of pending appeals and streamline the Medicare appeals process. They also sought increases in the budget for FY 2017 to add resources to work on the backlog problem.

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