$2.3B awarded to fund HIV/AIDS care, medications in 2016

Cities, states, and community organizations have received a total of almost $2.3 billion in Ryan White HIV/AIDS program grants. The program is overseen by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and serves over 50 percent of people diagnosed with HIV in the United States. The program retained over 80 percent of those who received care in 2014, and over 81 percent of program clients were virally suppressed. All organizations receiving grants are working toward the goals found in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.


To further these efforts, Part A of the program awarded about $627 million to 24 metropolitan areas and 28 transitional grant areas. These areas have the highest number of residents with HIV/AIDS or have an increased number of cases. Part B of the program awarded about $1.3 billion to allow states and territories to provide core medical and support services, and for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Part B also issued Emerging Community and Minority AIDS initiative grants.

Part C Early Intervention Services (EIS) awarded about $186 million to local organizations that provide core services to HIV patients. Part C Capacity Development grants were also awarded to about 48 organizations. Part D awarded $66.6 million in grants to 115 organizations to fund family-centered care. Part F awarded several grants to fund dental care, as well as technical assistance and clinical training.