Kusserow on Compliance: Temporary staffing and interim compliance officers

When individuals from a compliance office, including compliance officers, retire, move to new organizations, or are replaced for any reason, it can leave a gap in the day to day management of the compliance efforts that can create a serious risk. This underscores the importance of not only finding a suitable replacement quickly, however, that process can be time consuming. As such, it is not surprising that many organizations turn to engaging temporary expert assistance, including acting the use of Interim Compliance Officers (ICOs). This decision is often made with the realization that having a gap in the program over a period of months, or designating someone internally to do the work can be dangerous. Smaller organizations are not likely to have anyone sufficiently qualified to carry out all the duties. It is also risky to have someone making decisions, or failing to make decisions, that may create liabilities. The worst decision is selecting someone to take on the role of compliance officer as a temporary set of secondary duties to his or her current job. This will always lead the individual to continue giving priority to their regular job and do as little as possible in compliance.

Temporary staffing has the advantage of quickly filling immediate needs, including addressing any pending issues or problems. Properly experienced professionals can hit the ground quickly and be effective, not just be a placeholder. This approach will permit the organization to continue its search for the permanent replacement.  Using a properly qualified outside expert presents a lot of advantages. The expert can bring the experience of having served in other organizations and dealing with many of the same issues already addressed by prior jobs.  Important also is that they have not been invested in any prior decisions, nor have they been aligned with any parties in the organization. Most importantly, the expert brings “fresh eyes” to the program. An outside expert can provide an objective assessment on the state of the compliance program, offer suggestions, and give guidance for improvements.

Finding the right ICO with a lot experience and technical skills can make significant improvements for any compliance program in a relatively short order.  In fact, it may be the most economical means to have an independent evaluation of a compliance program. However, care needs to be taken when deciding on an expert. It is important that someone is not hired who is a “cast off” from another organization. As such, it is important that references be checked carefully to be assured of someone who is competent and reliable. It is important to design the engagement to bring maximum return of benefit for the cost. Therefore, in the case of an ICO, consideration should be given to the added scope of work. Organizations should expect to have the outside expert:

  • provide an independent assessment of the status of the compliance program;
  • make an assessment of high-risk areas that warrant attention;
  • be able to efficiently and effectively address compliance risk issues that may arise;
  • offer suggestions to build a firmer foundation for the compliance program;
  • review the existing Code, compliance policies, and other guidance;
  • evaluate the quality and effectiveness of compliance training;
  • develop a “road map” for the incoming compliance officer to follow;
  • assist in identifying and evaluating candidates for the permanent position;
  • assess resources needed to effectively operate the compliance program;
  • identify or build metrics that evidence compliance program effectiveness; and
  • develop comprehensive briefings for management and board on the state of the program.

Finally, for even fairly large organizations, a true compliance expert can hold things together for several months without having to be full time on site. Most organizations can keep their compliance program operating with many of the added benefits noted above, using an expert for 50 to 80 hours per month. After all, the ICO is holding the compliance program together, not building it.


Richard P. Kusserow served as DHHS Inspector General for 11 years. He currently is CEO of Strategic Management Services, LLC (SM), a firm that has assisted more than 3,000 organizations and entities with compliance related matters. The SM sister company, CRC, provides a wide range of compliance tools including sanction-screening.

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