Kusserow on Compliance: GAO reports CMS gaps in nursing home oversight

CMS needs to address gaps in federal oversight of nursing home abuse investigations

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reviewed CMS oversight of nursing home abuse in response to a request from the Congress. As part of its review, the GAO interviewed officials from survey agencies about how they investigate complaints and facility-reported incidents of resident abuse in nursing homes in five selected states.

The GAO noted, there are approximately 15,600 nursing homes providing care to about 1.4 million nursing home residents, a population of elderly and disabled individuals. CMS defines the standards nursing homes must meet to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, including standards for resident care and safety. To monitor compliance with these standards, CMS enters into agreements with state survey agencies to conduct standard surveys or evaluations of the state’s nursing homes. Those surveys and evaluations investigate both complaints from the public and facility-reported incidents regarding resident care or safety, such as abuse. Investigations of nursing homes based on public complaints and facility-reported incidents offer a unique opportunity for the state survey agencies to identify potential abuse, as these can provide a timely alert of acute issues that otherwise might not be addressed until the standard survey.  Federal nursing home surveys and investigations of complaints and facility-reported incidents can be cited and tracked by CMS. Where deficiencies are found, CMS can impose federal sanctions to prompt the correction of deficiencies.

The review focused on Oregon, a state with 135 nursing homes caring for approximately 7,000 residents. The GAO found failure to follow federal requirements that the survey agency investigate all complaints and facility-reported incidents. Additionally, the GAO found CMS failed to address gaps in federal oversight in Oregon for at least 15 years. The GAO suggested to CMS that these problems may extend to other states and that CMS needs to take corrective action.

GAO recommendations to the administrator of CMS included: (1) evaluating state survey agency processes in all states to ensure all state survey agencies are meeting federal requirements that state survey agencies are responsible for; (2) investigating complaints and facility-reported incidents alleging abuse in nursing homes; and (3) that the results of those investigations are being shared with CMS.

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