Kusserow on Compliance: New COVID-19 scam warning from the FBI

Some providing false test results to get off work

Causing business to shut down and unnecessary quarantining

Further crippling some businesses

The FBI has issued a series of warnings about a rise in coronavirus-inspired scams that have emerged in recent weeks. The latest warning cautioned employers to be on the lookout for employees using falsified doctors notes and other medical documents claiming they tested positive for coronavirus. The FBI cited once case where a worker at a critical manufacturing company submitted a letter that appeared to come from a medical facility and showed a positive COVID-19 test result. In response, the company shutdown a manufacturing site to disinfect the facility and halted production and delivery of necessary materials. The company also notified all workers at the facility, including four people who had to be quarantined because they had close contact with the infected employee. The FBI’s advice to employers is to be on the lookout for inconsistencies in medical documentation from employees and to contact medical providers listed on medical documents to verify the information. The importance of verifying employees who test positive will become more important as more business activity will be reactivated by government authorities.